D. A. K. I. N. I.  S U I T (E)  is an interactive performance that involves the use of suit motion capture. The correspondence between the experience of the body and its virtual projection is at the center of the 3D animations of the performance D.A.K.I.N.I. SUIT(E); the suit, second skin of the performer, allows the dialogue between the physical body and the virtual body, through overlaps, duplications, symbioses and clashes, as well as the creation of new digital identities outside of pre-established tracks – other identities that create new territories by imagining and desiring, as Deleuze said. We wish to reveal to the public the process and the relationships, and to modify in real time the body/space and the transforming spaces/places. The body re-creates the space it crosses, changing its features. On stage there is the director, a dancer performer and a motion designer. Our research feeds on Donna Haraway’s cyborg and on Susan Stryker’s somatechnics, which allude to the inextricable intertwining of soma, the body, and technics, technology, techniques. One of the focal points is the relationship between the body and technological devices for the shaping and modification of bodies: from a biological body to a techno-modified body, an experimental platform for the re-invention of possibilities – the body as biopolitical space, which in Preciado’s words is a construction, a “field of multiplicity open to transformation”. “We are the machine, our processes, an aspect of our incarnation,” says Haraway in the Cyborg Manifesto. We venture into the exploration of the individual of the future on the wave of cyberfeminism, technofeminism and xenofeminism.

DIRECTION > Isadora Pei

performers > Ester Fogliano, Giulia Rabozzi, Isadora Pei

motion designer > Giulia Parri

dramaturgy > Emanuele Policante

music composer > Carlo Valsesia

 Patronage by Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (NTL), Turin University – Dipartimento Studi Umanistici, the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AI*IA) / The project is realized with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo, within the Bando ORA! Produzioni di Cultura Contemporanea / Co-production of In\Visible Cities – Urban Multimedia Festival, Gorizia + Scientifica

2019 / 2020